Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil 30ml

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Completely natural, the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil contains 100% Tea Tree Oil of the finest pharmaceutical grade. From the Melaleuca Alternifolia variety, the oil contains the most impressive nourishing properties out of the 110 types available. Although the benefits of Tea Tree Oil have only been officially recognised since 1923, it has been used by the Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years to improve the appearance of skin. Use the oil to soothe and cleanse your hair and skin. With its antifungal and antibacterial nature, the oil helps to provide a greater sense of balance, washing away bad bacteria and helping to maintain an optimal environment of the surface of your body. Suitable for use on blemishes, irritated patches and sores, the oil is gentle on all types of skin. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for vegans.

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