L:A BRUKET No. 166 Grooming Kit

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Swedish brand L:A BRUKET present the No. 166 Grooming Kit; a four-piece set to keep beards feeling tamed, nourished and conditioned. Utilising natural and organic ingredients, it’s the perfect gift for any well-groomed gentleman. The Kit Contains: No. 145 Laurel Leaf Shaving Cream (60ml) The gentle shaving cream ensures a smooth, effortless shave, allowing the blade to glide evenly across skin for a clean finish. Enriched with moisturising Shea Butter and lubricating vegetable Glycerin, it reduces friction and alleviates irritation, while essential oils from Laurel Leaf provide cleansing and bacteriostatic benefits. No. 146 After Shave Balm (60ml) The aftershave balm hydrates and protects skin, helping to soothe and minimise the effects of shaving including redness and inflammation. Fortified with deeply nourishing Shea Butter, it softens and moisturises skin while the addition of Mint and Laurel Leaf Oils soothe, cool and refresh. No. 154 Beard Wash (60ml) Keep your beard in tip top shape with this gentle wash. Carefully balancing Witch Hazel and Chestnut extracts, it sweeps away dirt and impurities while conditioning the hair for a smooth, soft finish. Complete with anti-sceptic Cedarwood and Laurel Leaf Oil for a clean, refreshed and refined beard. No. 147 Beard Oil (60ml) The concentrated oil softens hair and skin, helping to detangle and tame for enhanced styling and manageability. A harmonic blend of Jojoba, Argan and Hemp Oils work in synergy to strengthen and soften individual hairs, while Vitamin E promotes healing and regeneration. The finishing touch for a groomed and well-kept beard.

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