Frank Body Shimmer Lip Duo

Описание и характеристики

The Frank Body Shimmer Lip Duo is a must-have kit to leave lips feeling soft, smooth and irresistibly supple - and with a hint of cherry tint. Free from nuts. Cruelty-free. The Set Contains: Shimmer Lip Scrub (15ml) An iridescent lip scrub made from a blend of Sugar, Coffee Seed Oil and glistening Mica Dust to impart a radiant glow. Delicately buffing away dry, flaky patches, the exfoliating lip scrub will leave lips feeling soft and supple with a subtle glimmer. Perfect for everyday maintenance of dry lips, or before applying lipstick. Shimmer Lip Gloss (15ml) The glossiest natural lip gloss of all time. Drenches your lips in natural ingredients and leaves an iridescent, shimmery finish. Infused with glistening Mica Dust and a blend of Coffee Seed and Grapeseed Oil. Soft, hydrating and non-sticky.

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