Caudalie Thé des Vignes Shower Gel 100ml

Описание и характеристики

Refresh your body with the enveloping scent of ripe grapevines on a summer’s day using the Caudalie Thé des Vignes Shower Gel. This soap-free shower gel invigorates and cleanses the body, gently lifting away any dirt, grime or bacteria without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the luxurious body wash is enriched with a host of nourishing ingredients, utilising a 100% plant-based formula. Aloe Vera releases soothing properties to help keep the skin calm and comfortable. The multi-purpose formula moisturises and conditions as it clarifies the body, leaving the skin fresh, supple and silky-smooth to touch. A tantalising fragrance blend of White Musk, Orange Blossom and Ginger brings a sensual quality to this Caudalie shower gel for a truly indulgent experience. Housed in an eco-designed recyclable bottle crafted from 32% reduced plastic, which minimises their carbon footprint by a third.

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