Sepai Flawless Immaculate Bright SPF50 Moisturiser 50ml

Описание и характеристики

Inspired by the concept of 'Wabi-sabi', a Japanese movement that celebrates the 'beauty in imperfection', the Sepai Flawless Immaculate Bright SPF50 Moisturiser targets hyperpigmentation and its possible causes. The illuminating and protecting formulation is powered by Retin-less technology, which safely mimics the properties of retinoids to tackle signs of ageing, including dark spots and blemishes, without the negative effects of Retinol. Combining Babchi Seed Extract and Mediterranean Crystal Tears (a precious oil extracted by supercritical CO2 technology from the Greek Pistacia Lentiscus tree), the oil-free, quick-absorbing moisturiser provides defence against pollution, UV rays and environmental aggressors for a radiant, refined complexion. Skin appears smooth and even with a more uniform tone. Ideal for skin in need of very high sun protection, sensitive skin, or skin exposed to lasers or post-surgical procedures. Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. Dermatologist tested. Free from fillers (silicones), allergens, toxins, oil derivatives, parabens and more.

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