Lime Crime Lip Pops 2g (Various Shades) - Retrograde

Описание и характеристики

Create a bold and beautiful pout with the Lime Crime Lip Pops. The creamy formula glides over your mouth like butter, locking in moisture for long-lasting hydration and protection from dry lips. The buildable formula allows you the option of adding depth and definition to your aesthetic throughout the day, without the risk of any cakey, crumbly residue being left over. Create drama by pressing the lipstick slightly harder for a darker colour or embrace subtle girl-next-door prettiness with a light swipe. The satin-finish of the lipstick offers a dewy, kissable finished look, while the twisty tube makes top-ups and fill-ins an effortless dream. Inspired by the mouth-watering, sugar-coated lollypops we all enjoyed as kids, the satin lipstick adds a fun-loving, whimsical element to any makeup bag, while a lemon-lime scent makes it almost good enough to eat.

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