Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Eau de Parfum for Women 100ml

Описание и характеристики

Warm sun-drenched skin next to a cooling landscape, the Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Eau de Parfum for Women is a fragrance that encapsulates the richness of a sunset smouldering into darkness. Opening with a feminine softness, Desert Rose feels like the fluttering of long skirts in the evening, trailing in the day’s streets filled with settled dust and laughter. At its heart, clarifying Star Anise reaches towards the clear sky that stretches over still waters, blurring the horizon for a never-ending unison of euphoria. The eau de parfum settles onto a sensual base of Musk, adding a sense of familiarity and calm, capturing the slowly descending sun in a perfect snapshot of time and space. Glowing in its luminous bottle with a delicate coral shade, the perfume has a solar, floral presence, presenting a fresh iteration of Calvin Klein’s iconic Eternity fragrance.

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