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The sun shade sail is a special protective covering material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, windbreaking and soil cover.In the summer, it blocks light and rain, and is widely used for sun shading and cooling of roofs, balconies, windows, carports, etc., as well as the cooling of greenhouse planting and farms.In the winter and spring, it can also play the role of heat preservation and humidification.Specifications:Name: 2x4m / 2x5m / 2x6m Sun Shade SailModel: 997925Color: BlackMaterial: HDPESize:24m (Approx. 6.613ft)25m (Approx. 6.616.4ft)26m (Approx. 6.619.7ft)Feature- Sun shading, cooling down and keeping warm. Light can be reduced after covering.- Protection against rain, sun and dust.- Heat preservation and cold protection.- Corrosion resistant and breathable.- Suitable for sun shading and cooling in carports, roof and balconies, etc.Package include:1 x Sun Shade SailMore details:

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